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St. George, South Carolina

St. George Mayor Anne J. Johnston leads a group of youngsters across the bridge in the town’s lovely, welcoming park during St. George’s annual Victory Sports Camp attended by hundreds of young people each summer. The town has soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, football, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and various other activities through which townspeople enjoy life in a small town.
Grits Festival Picture for 2014-15 guidebook
This youngster just took a turn rolling in a rubber pool filled with wet grits to see how much he could stuff into his clothes and onto his body in 10 seconds. Each spring during St. George’s World Grits Festival (, there are many grits-related contests and other activities. Among the most popular is “Rollin’ in the Grits.” The youngsters “roll” on Saturday, and the adults “roll” on Sunday. Each contestant is weighed before he/she rolls and is weighed afterward. Whoever gains the most weight in grits wins a cash prize. It may not look like “good, clean fun” but it truly is fun to watch!  
Koger House Use in Civic, Community Section
On a bright Sunday afternoon, St. George residents and nearby neighbors gather at the Historic Koger House to celebrate completion of phase one of restoration of the stagecoach stop/home. Gatherings that include food and fellowship are just one of the many aspects of the Town of St. George that truly lives up to its motto: “The Town of Friendly People.”
With thanks to Teresa Hatchell for contributing this submission following our visit to this most friendly town.

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