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MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, AL. – Where they still deliver mail by boat.
Every small town we have visited likes to explain why it is special. Magnolia Springs, Alabama is actually unique. Not only does it date back more than a century, it still has a monthly community get-together, but wasn’t incorporated until 2006. 
Now it is a real city, not just an unincorporated area, that will eventually find its name on Alabama maps.
It is especially interesting that mail is still delivered along the Magnolia River by boat. Here is how it describes this unusual fact on its website: Magnolia Springs
“The Magnolia River remains the only river route mail delivery in the continental United States.  Quaint boathouses grace each shore, water birds swoop and dive, and the river banks are lush with wildlife and greenery.  In decades past, the river was the “highway” for all commerce and communication, with steamers, sailboats and paddle wheelers connecting the river’s residents with the outside world.”
They also have created a long narrow park where there are towering, old magnolia trees in the background – a fledgling arboretum with a parking lot for visitors with a pleasant paved path which ends at a deck overlooking one of the town’s many springs.
Perhaos most important for the new arrival, Magnolia Springs has a Community Association with its own building  that dates back for more than a century.special. Again from their website:
“At the Association, community members meet once a month to share food, fun, facts, and camaraderie – keeping everyone abreast of the news and needs of the various residents and providing yet another link in the bonds of friendship and fellowship that are truly peculiar to Magnolia Springs.” What more could anyone want?
As mentioned in my blog, it  has a small town hall and a pleasant, experienced town clerk, Karen Biel, who is available to the public five days a week.
It even has its own police officer, a deputy sheriff who is assigned full time to Magnolia Springs. If you want an occasional trip to an urban environment, Magnolia Springs is reasonably close to Pensacola, Florida.
While many of the people are Alabama natives with families that reach back generations, the town also has attracted recent residents from both New England and the Midwest. It is the kind of warm, friendly, quiet place that many find ideal for retirement

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