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USA– If you subscribe to Inc. Magazine you may have read in their December 2013 issue Burt Helm’s flattering story on how entrepreneurs tend to flock to Boulder, Colorado.

Helm failed to mention the September 2013 flood. Nor did he comment on the possibility of frigid weather. For example, on December 6, 2013 the high for the day was 8 degrees and the low was minus 9.

I suppose I should’t say much about the cold since I worked in Chicago for a number of years, leaving in 1971, and then spent the next 39 or 40 years shoveling snow and shivering in Northern New Hampshire and Western Maine. But weather tends to be a significant factor when we seek the right place to live. My focus, however, tends to be on people.

I have made several trips to Boulder, and in the late 1960s was the guest of June and Judge Horace B.Holmes. That was in the summer when I was looking at Boulder’s “Attention Homes” established for youngsters in trouble. I wrote in my book “Children in Trouble” the Boulder Attention Home was a reasonable, sensible and successful alternative to the grim “Detention Homes” located in so many communities around the nation.

It was Judge Holmes’ view that the solution to what was then called the “delinquency problem” was to provide misguided and acting-out youngsters a descent place to live. balanced meals, and quality house parents. Boulder hired skilled individuals dedicated to helping young people survive their teen years and find a better life path.

Boulder is a mediam-sized city in the 100,000 range with an area population that is far more than double that size. Boulder is roughly 30 miles from Denver. However, on this trip around the nation we are looking at smaller, often somewhat more isolated communities.



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